Our Story (By Founder: Jonny)

I founded Spread Love Supply Company
for one reason, and one reason only:
...To Spread Love in a way never before seen. 
In May of 2018,  I wrote the words "SPREAD LOVE"
on a white sweatband with a Sharpie marker.
I received a positive response 
everywhere I went that day sharing this message.
...and experienced the GREATEST energy.
I found that I had been using this sweatband stating to "SPREAD LOVE" as a constant reminder to hold onto that euphoric state of:
Spreading LOVE, Showing GRATITUDE, and Maintaining a POSITIVE outlook on life.. and I fell in LOVE with that concept.
So much so, I KNEW others would also be anxious for the opportunity to experience that same energy.
Spread Love Supply Co. was then born.
The overall goal:
Touch 1,000,000 lives globally by 2021. 
As this movement grows in force, the amount of love in the world we have for one another shall as well. 
Let us be a driving force of positivityhumility, and gratitude!
Join us in our mission to Spread Love.